Backstage Battle is the second scene of Act 3 in Dynamite Headdy.


Headdy has to defeat Trouble Bruin in his Rocket Grappler, a machine he's used to capture him, as they fly through the backstage of Down Under.

Bruin will first spawn mini-versions of himself, who will fly toward Headdy, but are weak enough to be defeated in a single hit. Bruin will then spin his robot arm around himself, giving Headdy a chance to attack him with his head. Lastly, Bruin will rocket through the zone, attempting to damage Headdy by trashing him into the floor or celling. A blue arrow will point to the direction the Blow's going to go; if players push the other button (down if the arrow points up and vice versa), Headdy may avoid the attack. After this the pattern will repeat.

Headcase will periodically appear in the fight, with different heads to help our Hero out.

  • With the Super Head, our hero will have extended range to attack Bruin outside if the spiraling move.
  • With the War Head, our hero will always hit Bruin constantly while he's spinning his arm around.
  • With the Vacuum Head, Headdy will one-hit KO every mini-bruin Trouble Bruin will shoot, avoiding Headdy the trouble to fight them.

After Bruin's Rocket Grappler is destroyed, Headdy will automatically move to the next scene.


There are no items in this scene.

Secret Bonus PointsEdit

  • Trouble Bruin has a chance to spawn a big, been version of the mini-bruins. Destroy that to get the point.


This is an odd level because it takes place on the backstage of an actual level. The whole game makes it clear that the world is a theater play, but the fact this stage takes place where it does suggest that the actual world is a theater and not a play.