• DustyZippo

    You guys're great

    July 11, 2015 by DustyZippo

    That's all I need to say!

    At a time, I sort of snooped around this Wiki, editing things or fixing things, or getting rid of unwanted information. Now I see that even though I don't check in as often as I used to, there's still cool edits and things like that showing up, and it's just the bees knees to see people remember this game.


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  • Jarofrods

    This wiki will serve as a checklist for pages that have to be added and completed.

    Any (*) besides a page means that page is completed.

    • Headdy*
    • Headcase*
    • Hangman*
    • Beau
    • Dark Demon
    • Trouble Bruin
    • Heather

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  • DustyZippo

    Sploder what?

    April 16, 2015 by DustyZippo

    Whoever keeps putting up the Sploder-related information, please stop.

    Noncanonical information can go elsewhere. I don't think it's fair that anyone who rolls across this wiki has to bog through snippets of information that only apply to one person alone. I get that whoever it may be is a fan of whoever does whatever, but please put your stuff elsewhere.


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  • Ismaar


    August 17, 2014 by Ismaar

    Hi there, I'm Ismaar, and Dynamite Headdy is one of my favorite games. That's why I'd like to help finishing this wiki !

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  • DustyZippo

    Zippo's Stitches

    August 13, 2014 by DustyZippo

    Hey there!

    I'm Dusty Zippo.

    My goal's kind of keeping this wiki in shape, and rounding out the grammar errors and the like. My secondary goal is to expand upon what's already given, crafting the words into paragraphs upon paragraphs at a time. Come check the pages I edit out, and see what's new!

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