Catherine Derigueur (Catherine Degoon in the Japanese version) is an enemy in Dynamite Headdy. She is a miniboss that Headdy battles in scene 2-2.

Cathrine Derigueur


Catherine Derigueur has a green, stout body with red arms, legs and ears. She has very big blue, glowing eyes, which indicate when she is going to perform one of her attacks.


Catherine Derigueur is first seen on top of a cage, having captured Mule McGee, Old McGee and Headcase. The player must hit the cage until it reaches a hole on the far right of the floor, falling in it. When this happens, Catherine Derigueur will try to attack Headdy by jumping around in one direction, either left or right. This is the only time she can hit during the battle. After she has stopped, she will open her big, blue glowing eyes and remain stationary while rotating her arms, either trying to attract Headdy to crash into her body or push him, forcing him away. In the case of the former, to evade the attack the player has to keep walking away from her.

After Catherine is defeated, Mule McGee and Old McGee will come out of the cage and walk to the left; if any of them touches Headdy, he will receive damage. The player must hit both of them to get two Secret Bonus Points (one for each). Trying to dodge them will result in Headdy being hit, allowing them to get out of the screen and, as the player can't go back anymore, losing the chance of getting the Secret Bonus Points. Headcase will also pop out to help Headdy traverse the next part of the stage.