Catherine Derigueur (Catherine Degoon in the Japanese version) is a miniboss that you battle in scene 2-2

Cathrine Derigueur


Catherine Derigueur has a green body with red arms,legs, and ears. She has very very big blue glowing eyes, which signifies when she's going to attack.


Catherine Derigueur is seen first on top of a cage and has captured some enemies like Mule McGee, Old McGee, and Headcase. Easily hit the cage enough times until it reaches the hole on the far right. Then Catherine Derigueur will try to attack you by jumping around in one direction either left or right. This is the only time you can hit her during the battle, which doesn't seem that hard. After she has stopped, she will open her big, blue glowing eyes and either try to attract you to go to her body or will force you away. All you have to do is walk away from her if she trying to attract you to her. After you beat her, Mule McGee and Old McGee will come out of the cage and try to hurt you, at which you can hit both of them to get two secret bonus points. But don't try to dodge them because they walk to the left side of the screen where you can't go anymore and will lose the chance of getting the secret bonus points. A Headcase will also pop out to guide you to the next part of the stage.

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