Head Trip is one of Headdy's eighteen Heads in the game, though not one of the most beneficial. It provides Headdy with a
Heavy Head

The Heavy Head, weight and all.

comically oversized head with giant, cherry red lips, completely weighing him down (despite the lack of neck) and forcing him to crawl.

Abilities Edit

Head Trip causes Headdy to move incredibly slow and nullifies his ability to jump or attack. If our hero happens to stumble upon this head by accident during a major battle, there's a chance he may take no victory. The head's effects cannot be cancelled, leaving Headdy vulnerable until they expire.

Trivia Edit

Head Trip resembles the head of Japanese Buddha statues.

Headcase buddha01-0

In the original Japanese version of the game, the power-up is called "hotoke no kao mo ichido dake heddo" (Japanese: 仏の顔も一度だけヘッド), which may be translated as "The-Buddha's-Face-Only-Once Head."

This is a play on a traditional proverb that reads "hotoke no kao mo sando made" (Japanese: 仏の顔も三度まで), which directly translated means "Buddha's face until the third time." This expresses the fact that even the most patient person will eventually become irritated if provoked enough times.

In other words, it only takes one move for Headdy to face the consequences of disrespecting a Buddha.