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First appearance: Scene 1-1 The Getaway
Last appearance: Scene 9-3 Finale Analysis

Headdy is the main protagonist of the video game Dynamite Headdy. Headdy has the abnormal ability to use his head as a weapon, as well as interchange his head with many, many others.


Headdy is a puppet who so happens to have no neck; his head is floating just above his shoulders. His skin color is bright yellow, his eyes and the heels of his sneakers are cerulean blue. A white feather rises up from the back of his head, with a red stripe near the tip. His bowtie, the front part and the circles on the heels of his shoes are also white. In the center of the bowtie is a green gemstone, which changes colors depending on how much health Headdy has left.  


Headdy is a not-so-average puppet who's the main character in a play, trying to keep said play going. But the play is ruined as the evil Dark Demon and his minions capture everyone. The hero does escape, but encounters his rival, Trouble Bruin, who has been after him for quite some time. Headdy, with his

Artwork of Headdy.

abnormal ability, must free the puppets of North Town, ditch Trouble Bruin and his mischief of revenge, and finally put a stop the the ruthless lord's evil schemes before the entire puppet world is swallowed by his power!


180px-Dynamite headdy 2

Headdy going against Trouble Bruin.

  • Trouble Bruin — Headdy and Trouble Bruin have a not-so-swell relationship; Bruin despises Headdy because of his fame. Headdy, being much more famous than the cat bear, has to always put an end to the other's attempts to steal the show- And save his skin, most of the time, from the mischevious ursafeline's tricks.
  • Heather — The neckless hero might have a relationship with Heather, but nothing has been confirmed by Treasure Ltd, or any other source of info; He does appear to like her, however. They have been seen working together at one point of the game.
  • Dark Demon  — Like any hero, Headdy dislikes the evil tyrant for not only capturing him, but the puppets and friends he's come to love, and the threat on the puppet world. Needless to say, he spends the whole game tracking down the menace and defeating him once and for all.
  • Headcase, Hangman and Beau — Every hero has their friends, and the neckless puppet happens to have quite the trio! Headdy's friends come to his aid in his quest to save the puppet world, suppling powers, navigation, and even tips here and there.