Hunter Dog is an enemy in Dynamite Headdy. It that appears in scene 2-2 if you take the small path, dodging Snake Eyes on the top path.

Hunter Dog


Hunter Dog look likes a regular dog with a yellow crank like thing on the top of his body. Nobody seems to control the Hunter dogs but only are seen walking around.


Hunter dog is a very easy enemy to defeat. All they do is walk around back and forth. Just gives them an hit and they will be deafeated. They make little puppy sounds when you have defeated them.


  • Hunter Dog is one of the few enemies to not get his name changed in the International version.
  • If you take the small path and get to the end of the level, you see a a hunter dog on the top of the pillar. However, if you take the upper path where you face Snake Eyes and get to the end of the level, the Hunter dog won't be at the top of the pillar.