Act 2, Scene 1
DHAct2Scene1 Title

"Practice Area"

Japanese name: Three Friends
"The Getaway"
"Toys n the Hood"

Practice Area is the name of the first scene of Act 2, in the video game Dynamite Headdy.


After his escape, Headdy arrives in North Town, where he pays a visit to some of his friends. Headcase stores different heads that Headdy can put to use in otherwise difficult situations. Hangman is of a round shape that Headdy can grab onto to pull himself to hard-to reach places. Beau specializes in targeting the weakpoints of bosses for Headdy to take aim. Together, these three friends hope to train up Headdy for the many difficulties ahead.

Basic WalkthroughEdit



Gameplay footage of "Practice Area".

Featured charactersEdit




There are no items in this level.

Secret Bonus PointsEdit

  • Complete Headcase's training.
  • Complete Hangman's training.
  • Complete Beau's training.

Other notesEdit

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