Robo-Collector (Toruzo-kun in the Japanese version) is an enemy in Dynamite Headdy. He appears in the intro of the story and in scene 1-1 where he tries to stop Headdy.



At the very beginning of the story, Robo-Collector scares the birds hanging out in the town by transmitting some siren and then sets the town on fire, in which makes the citizen run in fear. Then Headdy tries to defeat Robo-Collector, but he fails to do this and then is captured by Robo-Collector.


Robo-Collector is a red robot with yellow claws and green feet. He has long red arms and an brown basket with yellow straps with him to capture his victims. He has green big eyes and a yellow big mouth with a crank like thing on the top of his head. He also has a small little red nose.


During the runaway scene, Robo-Collector will come out of no where and try to capture the Townsfolks by putting them in his basket. He can't hurt Headdy nor can he capture him but you can hurt him back. Hit your head above him to the middle of his body several times to defeat him to get a secret bonus point. Don't be too slow with your shoots because if he gets all the Townsfolks, he will back up slowly and you won't be able to obtain the secret bonus point. If you defeat him, he will blow up and free the Townsfolks from his basket.