A Secret Bonus Point is awarded to our hero Headdy each times he discovers some kind of secret and each one increases your final score by a number. Their number varies with the stages, and there are 39 in the game in total. They are often related to hitting the curious Bino.

Act 1Edit

There's only one Secret Bonus Point in the opening act.

The GetawayEdit

Act 2Edit

There are eight Secret Bonus Points in this act.

Practice AreaEdit

Toys N the HoodEdit

Mad Dog and HeaddyEdit

  • Wait for Mad Dog will drop Bino, then strike him twice.

Act 3Edit

There are four Secret Bonus Points in this act.

Down UnderEdit

  • Wait for the second ball machine to start releasing smiley balls and destroy one of these.

Backstage BattleEdit

  • Wait for Trouble Bruin to release a puppet with an inflated blue head, then destroy it.

The Green RoomEdit

Clothes EncountersEdit

  • Wait for the Wooden Dresser to put on a Bino costume and destroy it.

Act 4Edit

There are seven Secret Bonus Points in this act.

Terminate Her TooEdit

  • Keep hitting one of the orbs at the beginning.
  • Destroy one of the cannonballs shot by the Super Tank Machine.
  • Destroy the frog statue blocking the water.

Mad MechsEdit

Mad Mechs 2Edit

  • Destroy the two fans (they award one Secret Bonus Point each). Just hit them everytime they turn back on until they are destroyed.


  • Wait for Bino to come down to clean the windows and destroy him.

Act 5Edit

There are three Secret Bonus Points in this act.

Stair WarsEdit

  • Wait before destroying Trouble Bruin and continue climbing the tower. At some point, the Secret Bonus Point will be awarded.

Towering InternalEdit

  • Don't take any damage before destroying the two arms and reaching the platform above. This also has to be done within a certain time limit.


  • At some point, Bino will start walking around the screen. Hit him until he is destroyed.

Act 6Edit

There are three Secret Bonus Points in this act.

The Flying GameEdit

  • Wait until the Headcase at the beginning shows a Bino head and hit it.
  • A bit later, one of the rockets will have a dog in the window, destroy it.

Baby FaceEdit

  • Keep shooting the Grandpa Face and don't let him grab you. Once it is destroyed, you will see Bino tied to the pole; shoot him to free him.

Act 7Edit

There are 3 Secret Bonus Points in this act.

Headdy WonderlandEdit

  • One of the cows will make a different noise when jumped on; destroy it by hitting it in the back.
  • Just before the fight with the Gatekeeper, there's a totem pole with a bird-like man sitting on it; hit him before he flies off.
  • During the fight with the Gatekeeper, he might bring in Bino. Smash him off screen.

Act 8Edit

There are six Secret Bonus Points in this act.

The Rocket TierEdit

  • Collect every bonus item on the screen.

Illegal Weapon 3Edit

  • Hit one of the falling soldiers after destroying the Missile Man.

Fun ForgivenEdit

  • Hit Tarot's heart ball three times.
  • After fighting him, there are three "Shoot Here" blocks at the top of the platforming section. Hit the one near the exit to get the point.

Vice VersaEdit

  • Destroy three of the fireballs shot by the upside-down top hat-wearing heads.

Twin FreaksEdit

  • During the fight with the Keymaster, hit the enemy with a Bino head that the boss launches.

Act 9Edit

There are four Secret Bonus Points in this act.

Fatal ContraptionEdit

  • When you reach the platform with Cocoa on it, hit it to receive a Secret Bonus Point.
  • Destroy every Normal and Hammer block on the level.

Far TrekEdit

  • Avoid Trouble Bruin for one minute.

Finale AnalysisEdit

  • During the green orb attack, use the Hammer Head to destroy all of the spike men that fly up from the bottom.