The Soldiers (D.D soldiers in the Japanese version) are the main mascot enemies of the game that work for Dark Demon They appear in a variety of levels throughout the game and serve a lot of roles in the game from minor enemies to minibosses.



The soldiers appear at the very start of the game during the opening demo. There main purpose was to tell if the following puppets that were kidnapped were going to be Dark Demon's minions or if they were going to be sent to the Dust Cargo, which carries the discarded puppets to the incinerator. As shown, the only puppet to become Dark Demon's minion is a female lady, which looks very similar to Miss Daisy, while the two puppets shown are thrown in the dust cargo which are a clown like puppet and the protagonist of the game, Headdy. After Headdy is thrown into the dust cargo, one of the soldiers drives the dust cargo to the incenterator. After a short ride, Headdy breaks the dust cargo, which brings a frighten expression to the soldier, and Headdy and the Townsfolks escape.


The Soldiers look a lot like gladiators with a colorful design added to them. They appear in variety of colors like red, yellow, green, blue, etc. The Soldiers also have a load of weapons on them from red flames to swords and cannons.


Some soldiers can be easy and some can be tricky to handle. The regular soldiers without any weapons with them just require a bonk to the head while soldiers with swords require a few hits to beat or you can lead them to fall off edges. The red one shoot cannon balls at you where you can only attack them when their heads are visible. And finally, the green one just sits at a tower, where if you keep on hitting the tower, you will defeat the soldier and get a secret bonus point, but don't try to beat it with one of the red balls or you won't get the secret bonus point.