Sprite of Spinderella in Dynamite Headdy
Appears in: Dynamite Headdy (Genesis)

Spinderella ( Motor Hand in Japanese ) is a Keymaster that appears in Scene 5-4. He is a gargantuan circular robot with huge arms made of ever rotating spheres, fought in a circular arena atop the Tower of Puppet that he can rotate with the use of his lengthy arms. In the Game Gear version of the game, he is replaced by Trouble Bruin, who pilots a mech similar in design to Spinderella.


Spinderella appears as a large, crimson colored robot. His body is almost completely circular, save for his head and the propeller rimmed with golden orange metal beneath him, which keeps him aloft. His arms are made of floating spheres, five on each side, which are used like massive hammers. Atop his fairly small head is the key, which continuously turns. His head itself is conical in shape, held up by a stumpy neck, with binocular-like eyes that flash from blue to yellow contiuously. On his back is an orange-striped, can-shaped device, which bears the emblem of Dark Demon on it.


He appears at the top of the Tower of Puppet, where he and Headdy fight. In the Japanese version, Spinderella points out that even though that Headdy is collecting the keys from the Keymasters, he doesn't know how to use them just yet; The robot then goads the puppet hero into trying to take his key as well. The fight starts with Spinderella swinging his massive arms up to five times in an attempt to smash Headdy through the floor and back down the rotating tower; His arms will get stuck on the arena floor, giving Headdy the chance to run around behind him to strike at the device on his back. Once the device is struck, Spinderella grabs hold of the arena and rotates it, bringing Headdy with it; This forces him to the background, instead of the foreground. Even though the view is flipped, the strategy is the same.


  • Spinderella's English name is a pun on the fairytale character, Cinderella.
  • This is one of three Keymasters that can be destroyed extremely quickly.