The Townsfolks are puppets that appear in scene 1-1.


The Townsfolks are pink puppets that resemble the main protagonist, Headdy. They also wear yellow gloves and blue shoes.


The Townsfolks don't serve much in the game. After Headdy destroys one of the vechicles that one of the soldiers is riding, they come out with Headdy and they all escape. During scene 1-1, they try to run away with Headdy. After a few seconds later, the Robo-Collector appears and tries to collect all of the Townsfolks and put them into his basket. You can get a secret bonus point if you destroy the Robo-Collector in time before he backs up and takes the Townsfolks away. After destroying the Robo-Collector, the Townsfolks then start running again but get left behind by Headdy's fast speed.


  • All of the Townsfolks have names in the Japanese version. They are Maruco, Mathai, Luca, and Johane.