Wooden Dresser (Jacquline Dressy in Japanese) is the second Keymaster in the game Dynamite HeaddyShe is a

Wooden Dresser

large, wooden, posable mannequin.


Wooden Dresser appears as a rather tall wooden doll. Each of her segmented limbs are combined by small, knobbed joints; These limbs are used to hold her costumes in place. Atop her head is a turning Key, which is required to get. Her hands and feet are both pointed slightly. In the middle of her chest is a pink heart, which serves as her weak point, and changes color the more damage she receives.


Wooden Dresser is the Keymaster in Scene 3-4. She has knobbed wooden limbs that are used to hold parts of the different costumes she uses. Her weak point is the pink heart centered on her torso, which cannot be hit until all costume parts have been removed. In the Japanese version of the game, she acts as a lively dancer under her starry sky, claiming that since the neckless puppet was being such a show off, she should end him completely. This provokes an attack, which doesn't stop until Headdy decimates the spry Keymaster.


Wooden Dresser has four distinct costumes; the dragon, the ballerina, the robot, and Bino. Each costume has it's own method of attack, save for the last costume. The dragon shoots a stream of fire at the neckless hero, the ballerina tutu spins around and then moves close to the ground, and the robot shoots lasers. The Bino costume has no special attack, but, providing it is destroyed completely, it hands over a Secret Bonus Point.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name may be a pun on the actual words "wooden dresser," considering she is a wooden mannequin that uses and dresses up in costumes.